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Meetings of external auditors of UN held in New York
2012-12-28日   Soure : :

The 42nd Special Session of UN Board of Auditors and the 53rd Regular Session of UN Panel of External Auditors have been held on December 10th and 11th in New York. The meetings brought together various external auditors of UN institutions and programmes including Dr. Sun Baohou, Deputy Auditor General (Chief Quality Officer), as well as other representatives of UK, Tanzania, etc.

During the meetings, Dr. Sun, along with other members of UN Panel of External Auditors had met Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of UN. Mr. Ban highly appraised the work of UN external auditors and emphasized the UN reform and the vision for the future. Dr. Sun has introduced the achivements of UN Board of Auditors to incorporate the idea of performance audit into the auditing over UN institutions and programmes, and called on the external auditors to focus on more strategic issues related to the UN governance and the global governance.

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