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China-Sri Lanka Audit Workshop opens in Nanjing
2012-11-12日   Soure : :

At the invitation of Mr. Liu Jiayi, Auditor General of CNAO, a ten-member delegation from the Auditor General's Department of Sri Lanka arrived in Nanjing to participate in a ten-day workshop on October 9. On October 10, the China-Sri Lanka Audit Workshop was inaugurated in Nanjing Audit University. Mr. Dong Dasheng, Deputy Auditor General of CNAO, was present at the ceremony and delivered an opening speech.

Mr. Dong Dasheng extended warm welcome to the delegation from Sri Lanka. Mr. Dong said, for a long time, China and Sri Lanka maintain frequent exchanges and friendly relations, and the visit of the Sri Lankan colleagues to China for the workshop was a demonstration of the friendship between our two countries. He was convinced that in accordance with INTOSAI’s principle of “Mutual Experience Benefits All”, the two SAIs can share the theory and practice in government investment audit through this workshop, and promote their common development. Mr. Dong indicated that the Auditor General’s Department of Sri Lanka has put forward the concept of “promote good governance through the conduct of high quality audit and submit timely and accurate reports to parliament”, whose orientation is fully consistent with the “national audit and national governance” theory brought up by the CNAO.

Mr. A.H.M.L.Ambanwala, Assistant Auditor General of the Audit General's Department of Sri Lanka and head of the delegation, expressed his gratitude to the CNAO for the warm welcome and earnest preparations. He said, CNAO's sharing of experience during this workshop will be very useful to the Audit General's Department of Sri Lanka in audit practice.

Mr. Dong Dasheng later gave the first lecture to the delegation, introducing in detail the overview of China's political system, the latest developments in China's economy and society, and the overview and latest development of China's government auditing system.

Officials from CNAO's Department of International Cooperation, Department of Fixed Assets Investment Audit and Nanjing Resident Office, and the Jiangsu Provincial Audit Office and the Nanjing Audit University also joined these events.

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