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CNAO’s Voice Echoing in INTOSAI WG on AADA ——Ms. YU Xiaoming, DAG of China, visits Indonesia and Sri Lanka in June
2012-06-15日   Soure : :

Ms. YU Xiaoming, Deputy Auditor General of China, attended the 6th Meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on Accountability for and Audit of Disaster-related Aid (to be abbreviated as WG on AADA) held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from June 3-6, 2012 as the first effort of the CNAO to actively participate in the activities of INTOSAI WG on AADA.

(The group photo of the participants of the 6th Meeting of INTOSAI WG on AADA)

The CNAO has just been approved as the formal member of this working group, chaired by European Court of Audit, since January 2012. Besides an introductory presentation on the preparation of the XXI INCOSAI in 2013, the CNAO representatives delivered a special report, highlighting the innovative real time audit carried out in China after Wenchuan Earthquake. The report has been well received by the working group members.

(The CNAO representative introduces the preparation for the XXI INCOSAI in Beijing)

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