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Ms. YU Xiaoming, Deputy Auditor General of China, attended the 6th Meeting of INTOSAI Working Group on Accountability for and Audit of Disaster-relate
2012-05-10日   Soure : :

Harmonization Project is moving forward in progress as the 3rd Meeting of HPG under the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee, held in May 2-4, 2012 in Copenhagen Denmark, has concluded with important achievements being reported on level 3 of the ISSAI framework, especially ISSAI 100, by the Harmonization Project team.

The new set of audit principles, presented in the Fundamental Principles of Public Sector Auditing (ISSAI 100) and Fundamental Principles for financial (ISSAI 200), performance (ISSAI 300) and compliance (ISSAI 400) audits, was discussed in the Copenhagen meeting, the third of the series of HPG meeting since last year. ISSAI 100, the key achievement of this meeting, would be under further revision before it is submitted to PSC members for comments. The SAIs of China, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Norway, Austria, Slovakia, USA, Brazil, South Africa and India, and ECA (European Court of Audit) have engaged in the process with the dedication and commitment for this complex and high demanding work in order to find a set of high-level consistent and updated standards.

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